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Access the NISEE e-library

Posted by cdj On June - 7 - 2010
From anywhere in the world, search the NISEE e-library and earthquake engineering archive for low-cost access to over 42,200 digital research materials (reports, images, data, software archive, lab-test movies, etc.) including: PEER Reports, UCB/Geoengineering Reports, UCB/SEMM Reports, UCB/EERC Reports, and more. Register to subscribe to the NISEE e-library and online archive.

From all UC campus locations, access subscribed, peer-reviewed journal, e-content using the UC-eLinks symbol in the specialized Earthquake Engineering Abstracts, (commercially available on the CSA-Illumina platform), or, more broadly, in Google Scholar. A list of subscribed e-journal titles and assistance with UCB proxy or VPN connections are provided by the UC Berkeley library. UC-eLinks

Selected NISEE Collections – Images

Posted by cdj On April - 19 - 2010

William Godden’s Structural Engineering Slide Library is the product of 30 years of teaching structural analysis, structural design, and architectural engineering to students in Europe and the United States. Set A:Beam Structures – Set B:Arch Structures – Set C:Cable and Suspension Structures – Set D:Truss Structures – Set E:Domes and Shells – Set F:Columns, Rigid Frames, Grids and Slabs – Set G:Structures Under Construction – Set H:The Structures of Leonhardt, Andrä and Partners – Set J:Earthquake Engineering by V.V. Bertero. Professor Godden added images of seismic retrofit projects on the Berkeley campus (Barker Hall, Central Dining Facility, Seismic Replacement Building, Barrows Hall, and others).

Jan T. Kozak Collection – historical illustrations of earthquakes from a private collection provide more than 1100 macroseismic representations, primarily copies of prints, paintings, book illustrations, and lithographs of historically destructive earthquakes – Jan T. Kozak Image Collection.

Karl V. Steinbrugge Collection. Professor of structural design at the University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design and General Manager of the Earthquake Department of the Pacific Fire Rating Bureau in San Francisco, Karl Steinbrugge’s work included engineering investigations of potential earthquake damage to structures as well as field studies of earthquakes and their effects around the world. The collection features more than 16,000 images of earthquake damage between 1886 and 1990, the largest image collection within NISEE’s earthquake image archive.

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