The NISEE library collections at the University of California, Berkeley are the creation of civil engineers to support earthquake engineering and policy research, teaching and development in California and worldwide. Our notable contributors include:

Joe Penzien, 1924-2011 (UC Berkeley) – Berkeley professor, the Founding Director of EERC who created “a technical library and information service in earthquake engineering” in 1972 and improvised a library classification scheme adapted from CalTech to house a new collection of textbooks, journals, photographs of earthquake damage, and conference papers beginning with his personal collections and the publications of the University of California and the California Institute of Technology in earthquake engineering.

Ray Clough, – (UC Berkeley) – Berkeley professor often referred to as the “Father of Finite Element Analysis in Structural Engineering” who supported the creation of NISEE with a large personal collection of professional journals, books, papers, and conference papers from domestic and international sources.

W.G. ‘Bill’ Godden, 1923-2012 (UC Berkeley) – Berkeley professor who developed the William Godden Structural Slide Library as a teaching aid in architectural engineering. He donated his large collection of images and supporting books, manuscripts and films of experimental work at Berkeley and worked to expand the digital versions.

David Leeds, 1917-2011 (Dames & Moore) – Professional geologist and civil engineer in engineering seismology and earthquake vibration instrumentation and measurement in southern California primarily with Dames & Moore Inc. but with ties to UCLA Engineering. An avid collector of books, papers and photographs in the field of geology in earthquake engineering who, over a 20 year period, donated the bulk of his vast collection to NISEE at Berkeley.

Frank McClure, 1924 -2004 (UC University Engineer) – A professional engineer who, as a leader in seismic safety across UC campuses, within California, and nationally, collected and deposited seismic reviews of buildings, building plans, building codes and seismic design textbooks in NISEE’s Library over his career.

William ‘Bill’ Anderson & Shih-Chi Liu, – (National Science Foundation) – Program Directors within the Earthquake Engineering Research Program of NSF Engineering Directorate who provided some funding support for NISEE outreach activities at its start-up and arranged the mandatory deposit of federally-funded research project reports, data, and dissertations, often unpublished but in the public domain, into NISEE’s (and NCEER’s and CalTech’s) Library at NSF project completion from 1982 through 1999.

Karl V. Steinbrugge, 1919-2001 (UC Berkeley) – A professor of engineering design and head of the Earthquake Department of the Pacific Fire Rating Bureau in San Francisco for many years who donated a very large and well-documented collection of earthquake damage photographs and slides as well as the supporting documentation for the collection to NISEE’s Library. The collection started our first online image database in 1994.

Jack P. Moehle, – (UC Berkeley) – Professor, the longest-serving Director of EERC, and the Founding Director of PEER at UC Berkeley who directed deposit of technical reports, international exchange items, earthquake reconnaissance reports and photographs, and scholarly journals into NISEE’s library.

Andrew S. Whittaker, – (SUNY at Buffalo) – Associate and Managing Director of EERC for several years who established international exchange of reports programs and directed technical reports, studies, dissertations and a wide collection of earthquake reconnaissance photographs and slides into the NISEE collections.

Himat Solanki, – (Sarasota, FL) – Professional engineer and a long-time customer of the NISEE library services especially in the design of reinforced concrete nuclear facilities, Dr. Solanki donated a large file of digital dissertations and academic studies of reinforced concrete from his personal collections of worldwide research.

Robert K. Reitherman, – (CUREe) – Executive Director of CUREe for many years, he has provided technical reports and earthquake reconnaissance photographs and slides for NISEE’s collections.

NISEE’s growing digital resources - earthquake engineering online archive (43,000+ digital objects, 5,000+ registered users), the NISEE e-library (27,335 digital texts growing daily) and the Earthquake Engineering Abstracts database (165,000+ abstracts with full digital links to commercial journals – license/login required) were built at Berkeley from this library collection and are made available worldwide without any financial subsidy. We strongly appreciate the support.

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